About Mayflower Homeowner's Association Security

David Saunders is a polite and kind professional person from the County of Devon in England.

David has always been a natural at customer service... There is no faking being a natural!

On arriving in California back in 1995 David lived in downtown San Francisco for two years. He
worked as a Department Manager for Nordstrom for twelve months and many, many times was noted for his customer service and cheery disposition.

Moving to Walnut Creek in 1997 David was quite by chance hired to work for a few large security companies. He was a natural at security and worked at some lovely Homeowner's Associations in the East San Francisco Bay Area.

But! David was never 100% happy with the way things were with most of the security companies and could write a book on "Security Guard Horror Stories" !  He decided to get out of the business OR go it alone.....

Going it alone came about quite by chance when David was the DJ at an event for Moraga Country Club where he had worked very happily for some time. BUT working for big name security companies once again again seemed to rob David of his constant desire for perfection in customer service... and David quit the security company for, in his book, cheating the customer (Moraga Country Club and it's residents) and not giving them the service they desired and paid heavily for..

David was offered the job of setting up a new in house security department at Moraga Country Club with the welcome caveat that he looked after all CC and R infringements. He loved it at MCC and stayed for a very happy year... quietly wishing he had never left!

David can set up in house security, procedures, train staff in courtesy and work shifts ...  You would notice the difference immediately!  From day one your security service could be the best and have your residents, management, staff and guests remarking on the wonderful change David would bring.